The terms and conditions of fixedmatch.pro are as follows:

It should be kept in mind that any reference which contains “we, us, our” will be taken under the consideration of FA. While references as “You or Your” shall be considered as Media users.

It is notified that Read all the terms and conditions carefully while you are agreeing to them. All these are legal terms and conditions which should be agreed upon if you want to use this website. In case you do not accept these, you are prohibited from using fixedmatch.pro and you MUST close the website immediately.

Terms and conditions for General use:

1. Registration

In the interest of full security and transparency, you have to register on the site as a user. Username, Email address, and password are necessary details that you have to provide at the time of registration. After doing so, it is your sole duty to keep your credentials (Username, Password, or Email) a secret. You will be responsible for any activity on the site after login in through your username or password.

2. Privacy

Your personal information will be utilized as per the privacy policy of our website. In the case where the website approaches any third-party regulated page or website, after your permission, your data will be regulated by the privacy policy of the third party. Consent of the third party is important for you before uploading their data to our site.

Your information will be our main priority to protect, so, your data is safe with us.

3. Access and Availability Policy

Fixedmatch.pro is prepared under full responsibility and consideration. Full-time and uninterrupted access is not guaranteed. Fixedmatch.pro reserves all the rights to limit access to this site to any person regardless of notice and liability. It is our right to monitor, regulate and suspend any member we deem necessary.

Access and its information are not awarded to a person in any jurisdiction considering his nationality residence or any other factor. We pride ourselves on treating all our valued members equally.

4. Amendments

It will not contain any liability to any person if we delete, amend or upgrade any information on the website. Also, adding material or its amendment or any kind of alternation on the website anytime without any notice is not under any liability. Keeping media up to date will not be our guaranteed responsibility.

Each amendment will be active when terms and conditions are active on the site. 5. Information about Fixedmatch.pro

Fixedmatch.pro is a reliable service provider that provides GUARANTEED earnings through fixed matches. With our extensive network across the globe, anything is possible. We’ve assisted numerous individuals with their earnings and our raving reviews speak for themselves.

6. Copyrights

All the rights are reserved with Fixedmatch.pro. This includes affiliates and licensors including all copyrights, database, and other abstract property rights of the website.

Video representation, photographs, audio, and documents including text layout on the website are also included in the prior ownership right without any limitation. You have no right to store, reproduce, regenerate, and publish any part of the content in any sort of manner both online and offline.

7. External Links

Fixed match.pro and its subordinates aren’t liable for external links. You will be directed toward third-party pages when you access external links from our website. Our website may contain certain links with time for your convenience, on approaching them, you will leave our site to a third party.

External links or sites are not a part of our content. So, we will not be responsible for their content, service, or product.

8. Push Notifications

With your permission to receive push notification we will send you to push notification related to our site. These notifications will be certain and site preferred on the basis of your requirements.

It will be all your preference to turn them off or on, or to keep receiving them. Staying updated on our website is the best way to earn guaranteed profits, which is why we recommend activating notifications.

9. Rules Related To Link Our Site

You can freely link our site Homepage unless it is legal, fair, and not meant to harm our reputation or defame us, or to take advantage of our site. While linking our site you must not establish a path to any association, approval, or recommendation on our site where nothing genuine exists. An important thing is that you should not link our site to another which is not owned by you or you do not have any permission in this regard.

10. Disclaimer about Liabilities and Warranties

This site is established “as it is” So, your access or visiting this site is at all your own risk. Fixedmatch.pro and its affiliates are not incorporated undertaking any warranty of the content and information given through our website.

While using our services, please be aware that betting has its own risks. We at Fixedmatch.pro do not bear any responsibility in any case if there is a loss of customers’ money and that none of our customers has the opportunity to make a request to get their money refunded.

This also includes any sort of Hyperlinks, Hypertext, or any other content which is directly or indirectly accessed by our site.

11. Liability

Fixedmatch.pro is not liable for any monetary losses, misinformation or any sort of harm caused through the website. All legal responsibility is excluded to you in your usage concerning our website or different content material that Fixedmatch.pro holds. Which either directly or indirectly affecting you in special circumstances, under the contract, tort, negligence, misrepresentation, or otherwise.

12. Jurisdiction

All those Terms and Conditions can be ruled via way of means of and can be made in step with the legal guidelines and laws of England and Wales. Copying content, violating our policies or harming the sanctity of our services is not allowed. Any violation by members will be subject to the jurisdiction of English courts.


In case of any query, suggestion, or comment about the site please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected] or via WhatsApp: +44 7312 398941

14. General

We aim to make Fixedmatch.pro a safe haven for all aspiring profit seekers through providing guidance and assistance with their betting needs. We’ve been serving our valued customers for numerous years now with excellent results.

15. Use

To use our site, you should be 18+. Anyone who is under 18 cannot use this site legally even with the guardian or parent login or parental account.

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